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The Club is usually asked to arrange the poppies for Remembrance Day in Norwich Cathedral. We have a box of large silk poppies that belong to the Club for this. The last time we arranged the poppies was in 2018, as something changed in 2019 and of course Covid-19 hit us last year.

The arrangements on the walls were made by Janet Morgan and our Secretary Alex Pinder. The pedestals were made up by our Treasurer Penny Mills and Tricia Loades, who was helped by our Chairman Tricia Godfrey. This year was different for us as there was no green foam to arrange in. Norwich Cathedral has gone ‘Foam free’. In the bottom of our containers there were some white plastic bottles with chicken wire or plastic mesh over the top. Even though we were not allowed to use oasis, I think we all made a good job with the arrangements.

We were also hampered as the Cathedral was suffering a power cut, which came on as we had finished the arrangements.

We sent some photos to NAFAS East Facebook page and we had lots of lovely comments about the arrangements, so thank you.

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